As Energy prices continue to rise and more suppliers enter the market, business owners should look for peace of mind that they are getting a fair price from their existing energy suppliers.

The energy market is as volatile as it has ever been.  Market prices are fluctuating on a daily basis and there are now over 80 registered energy suppliers within the industry.

Beaconplus focus on 4 stages of the energy contract for their clients.  Each stage forms an ongoing cycle of activity providing peace of mind that Beaconplus have full control of the area.

Stage 1 – Diarise contracts and serving notice

A missed noticed period with an energy supplier, resulting in automatic roll over rates can cost businesses thousands.  Each energy supplier has different notice periods and methods of serving notice.  This can even vary with the same supplier depending on the type of contract that was agreed.  Beaconplus provide their clients with peace of mind that their contract renewal dates will be diarised and notice will be served to their current supplier to give them the option of transferring to a new supplier.

Stage 2 – Tender and negotiations

With so many suppliers in the market, it is important to know which suppliers you can trust to sign up with.  In the past few years, several energy suppliers have gone into administration leaving their customers to be taken on by alternative suppliers creating billing/contract issues for the end customer.

When business owners tender their contracts, it’s important to realise that energy quotations can be presented differently from supplier to supplier.  It is important that you have a clear understanding of the quotations so that you are not hit by any hidden fees part way through the contract period.

Through experience and a variety of contacts within the industry, Beaconplus have a strong understanding of the energy suppliers and are fully aware of the trusted suppliers to work with.

Beaconplus tender their client’s energy contracts and then present their clients with several options (12, 24 and 36 months).  Beaconplus do not take any commission from suppliers, ensuring that their clients obtain the absolute lowest prices available in the market at that point in time.

Stage 3 – Tracking the transfer

Once a new supplier has been identified and contract agreed, you are only half way there as it’s important to ensure the transfer runs smoothly.  A delayed transfer to your new supplier will result in “out of contract rates” from the existing supplier.  The existing supplier is given a window of time to “object” to the transfer and quite often the new supplier will not automatically inform the customer of the objection resulting in the supply rolling on to “deemed” rates at the end of the contract.  This can prove costly and take a significant chunk out of the savings you hope to achieve by transferring suppliers.

Beaconplus monitor the transfers for their clients very closely, chasing the suppliers for updates on the transfer on a daily/weekly basis.  Beaconplus also obtain meter readings from their clients on the day of the transfer, ensure DD payments are setup correctly and confirm new account numbers to ensure the billing process from the supplier is smooth.

Stage 4 – Invoice Analysis

Billing errors occur with all energy suppliers, whether it be overcharged rates, hidden rates or incorrect usage, you are highly likely to find problems with energy invoices.

Beaconplus thoroughly analyse every supplier invoice that their client receives.  Any issues with rates, usage or meter setup are dealt with by Beaconplus who spend the time to raise these issues with the supplier on behalf of the clients.  Beaconplus ensure that any identified overcharges are credited directly back to their clients.

The 4 stages above are repeated for each of the energy contracts that Beaconplus perform for their clients.

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Outsourcing your energy management is an excellent way to streamline your supplier contracts and invoicing whilst saving you significant time and money.

Beaconplus only charge their clients if they can achieve savings and they will give a discount to ABDO members taking up the service.