ABDO produces Covid-19 resources

ABDO’s Covid-19 Working Group has produced recommendations and resources to help optical practices reopen to provide routine eyecare, once permitted.

The recommendations focus on safety for both patients and staff – and should be read by employees as well as locum staff too, to inform best practice, said the Association.

The current clinical advice remains to deliver essential/urgent/emergency eyecare only, and to fully utilise remote consultations.

Routine sight tests remain suspended until further notice.

ABDO is working with the College of Optometrists and other stakeholders to update specific clinical advice.

The Association highlighted that its recommendations “are not an exhaustive list but cover the main points that should be considered at this time in line with official public health guidance. Advice is subject to change and ABDO will keep members updated as the situation evolves.”

Click here to read the full recommendations.

Click here to download a patient pre-screening form.

Click here for a template for practice risk assessment.

Click here for a list of practice and personal protective equipment suppliers.