Case Study: Michelle Beach

See what a significant impact to your practice and revenue an updated refurbishment can make...

Michelle Beach - Founder & Owner of Park Vision, Nottingham

Read Michelle’s story about how she has grown her business & adapted working practices.

Are you serious” was probably the first sentence Stuart Burn said to me when I initially met him in February 2008. We had had a previous phone conversation and he was doing a site visit with a view to me setting up an optical practice from scratch.

To be fair…he had a point…it was a very small dark basement room in a soon to be open health clinic in the professional quarter of Nottingham’s City Centre. I had a dream to open a high-end, bespoke eye clinic – focusing on long examination times, “one -in one out” appointments and high-end fashion. Stuart was looking at me like I was mad!

That was the start of a 12-year friendship and business relationship, Stuart supported me back in 2008 and is still doing so to this day.

I consider him a massive asset to my business….it is lonely sometimes running a practice – I am proud to be an optometrist but I am not a businesswoman…and have learnt some tough lessons. Stuart and his team are always on the phone and have sound advice; focused on what is best for your business and the best way to achieve your goals.

Practice transformation

From small & cluttered to upgraded testing rooms & larger dedicated consultation areas

Park Vision went from strength to strength, expanded and moved into a larger ground floor space in 2013…again Stuart financed this and advised where to draw the line when my “blonde, shopping, girl tendencies” got carried away, (hey we’ve all visited Optrafair!)… and could potentially put me under too much pressure on return of investment.

As we have grown, I have always invested in upgrading kit and am proud to offer the best in technology.
The newest additions in 2019, for a specialised Dry Eye Clinic: investing in a digital slit-lamp, IDRA and IPL equipment.

Performance again financed this, and Stuart always picks up the phone and discusses options, projections and affordability. Deliberately playing devil’s advocate to ensure the right decision is made for the business.

In January 2020 Park Vision was ripped apart, financed by Performance Finance and with the help of some very talented people. Stuart checked in on me throughout the refurb and again reigned me in when I was in danger of letting things escalate…(think of planning a wedding !)

We proudly opened in February 2020, a stunning shiny, new version of Park Vision…..and then closed due to COVID-19 four weeks later ….allowing for every eventuality – I didn’t plan on a pandemic!

Do I regret it??? Not for one minute…..when we do finally open we have a beautiful, clean and modern space.

My examination room is immaculate: wash basin with hospital taps, modern paper towel dispensers and waste disposal, white counters and a super clean clinical environment.

The glasses studio is light and spacious with dedicated frame dispense areas and retail space.
It will be far easier to manage social distancing and I feel the whole clinic will represent the environment our patients feel safe to visit. In the short time we were open, dispensing and customer spend was up by 40% and hopefully that will return.

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