Energy efficiency and compliance management

From over 20 years of industry experience, Beaconplus have developed approaches to help organisations of all sizes understand their energy cost, consumption, and carbon footprint, with the solutions to manage and reduce, whilst meeting demanding compliance requirements.

Whether you are an industrial energy intensive business, clinical practice or office premises, our experience will help you achieve your energy and carbon reduction objectives, such as:

More and more companies are adhering to a sustainability report (particularly our corporate clients), which we have been helping with. If you need any advice on this area or information about renewable energy sources (such as solar, biomass or wind), we can help.

Energy Efficiency is also an important part of a company’s strategy, and we can advise on these areas, including LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting, Voltage Optimisation and installing smart meters. Whatever your company’s needs, we have a team of industry experts, that can find you the best solution.

We have also seen in recent times “Green Energy” becoming more and more popular and competitively priced. If your business needs any assistance on any of the abovementioned matters, please contact us on 01565 755600 or e-mail

Benefits of engaging with Beaconplus:

  • Members have nothing to lose by employing our services and as well as minimising costs, we would also minimise the time spent managing these areas
  • Our clients have the confidence that they are on the most competitive arrangements and their invoices are being checked regularly
  • We only use suppliers that we know and trust and provide excellent customer service levels
  • We provide clear evidence of how we have achieved savings for our clients
  • We are completely independent and not tied to any particular suppliers
  • Our large client base allows us to negotiate very competitive contracts/rates
  • We assist our clients with all aspects of telecommunication/utility costs including site re-location at no extra cost
  • Our services include installing new energy supplies/meters, upgrading telephone systems/mobile phone handsets, installing new telephone lines, opening new/closing down/relocating sites, etc.
  • We have a dedicated and professional team who deal with any client queries, including telephone faults, accounting queries and any ad-hoc queries.