How to write a great job advert

Have you thought about how the way you write a job advert could accidentally exclude some excellent applicants or discourage others? In this article we look at 5 ways to ensure that your job advert will attract the right people for your business. 

  1. Have a clear job title. If you are advertising a job via the ABDO website, remember that there will be many ads for a dispensing optician, so add the location too to attract relevant candidates.  
  2. Think carefully about what skills and qualifications are essential. Some candidates are more likely to only apply if they have all the requirements listed, so you may put off some excellent candidates if you have a long list of what you require, only some of which is essential. Consider which skills should already be acquired and which can be learnt on the job too.  
  3. State the salary rather than stating ‘salary dependent on experience’. A clear pay scale or range ensures that applicants know what to expect. Being clear about the salary from the start will ensure you attract candidates who will be willing to work for what you are willing to pay. Hiding salaries also perpetuates the gender wage gap and lower salaries for people of colour, both of whom may already have started on a lower salary or find it harder to negotiate. If you ask the candidate for their current salary and base your offer on that, those who are currently under-paid for their work stay that way. There is ample evidence that this is a discriminatory process. Campaign group Show the Salary found that you get more applicants if you include the salary when advertising too.  
  4. Make sure the job description shows candidates what is in it for them: Is your job the next step on their career path? Which benefits will working at your company bring to them? Are they a good fit for your company culture? This will attract people who mesh with your company values.  
  5. Include links to details on parental leave, flexible working practices, benefits like health insurance so candidates don’t have to ask.  This shows you are an employer who takes diversity, flexible working and inclusivity seriously.  
  6. Make the job snippet snappy. This snippet is the first thing candidates will see when browsing for jobs. You want your job advert stand out from the rest so include your unique selling point for this role.