ISDN & PSTN Turn-Off, Super Deductions, VOIP

What Are They and How Can They Impact My Business?

What is ISDN & PSTN?

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) first appeared in the 90s and revolutionised internet connectivity. The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is what many regard as the classic analogue telephone system, which enables landline connectivity.

For millions of businesses in the UK, PSTN is still the fundamental core of their communications, which mean that changes will be needed as part of the “2025 Turn-Off,” that will affect all businesses currently utilising ISDN/PSTN technology. Currently 42% of SMEs report that they still operate with analogue lines to transmit data (equating to 2.4 million businesses in the UK).

Similarly, 33% of larger businesses still use ISDN and/or PSTN lines. Further information can be found on our website Openreach PSTN / ISTN Switch Off · Beaconplus.

BT (British Telecom) have also recently announced they have accelerated plans to stop selling ISDN & PSTN lines (and products that rely on these services). For example, BT announced in August that 86 of their exchanges will turn off their copper networks earlier than planned, covering 500,000 premises.

To check if your business would be impacted by this, please contact us and we will advise accordingly. Similarly, if you have already switched to modern technology, we have access to consultancy rates with certain suppliers (despite any contract positions) and can often make our clients savings in these areas (our services are completely performance related).

BT have also announced that they will be increasing their prices from December 2021, and we would always recommend a review of your existing arrangements, even if you’re not with BT, as other suppliers will often follow suit.

Super Deductions & VOIP

Many of our clients have been taking advantage of the government’s ‘Super Deduction’ scheme (announced in March 2021) to purchase new telephony equipment. For example, a business that wants to ‘future proof’ its communications have been updating their services to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and using the Super Deduction scheme to reduce the purchase costs (in summary with ‘Super Deduction’ businesses can deduct 130% of capital allowances, against the purchase costs of the new solution). There are certain criteria with this scheme (for example, you must be a limited company and pay corporation tax), but if you’re eligible (and combined with the abovementioned ISDN/PSTN turn-off happening anyway), this would be a very attractive option for your business. We would be happy to discuss this further and if you could benefit from this. The ‘Super Deduction’ scheme is now in effect and will be active until 31 March 2023 (please note this scheme can also be applied to other aspects of your business).

Other Advantages of VOIP Technology include Cost Savings, Enhanced Customer Experience, Improved Productivity, Versatility, Security and Future Proof.