There are several complications with the current recruitment process. These being the cost to manage locums, the process of hiring and the professionalism and quality of work provided.

1) High recruitment fees – Agencies have to manually recruit and manage bookings of individual locums via a range of methods. For agencies to deliver stores expectations, great staffing power is required, leading to stores paying high recruitment fees which are not as cost-effective.

2) Process of hiring – The process of finding work can be time-consuming as current means require optometrists to filter through excel spreadsheets, broadcasted messages and be hassled by continuous phone calls from recruiters.

3) Professionalism and quality of work – As the current recruitment system doesn’t allow stores to individually select locums, many are dissatisfied with the quality of work provided

Who Are Locumotive?

Locumotive is a business and an application specifically designed for optical locum recruitment. From understanding the problems first hand, the Locumotive development team have designed a user experience that is efficient and easy to use. Not only providing recruitment tools, but also assisting with financial management, and further education ensuring practices and locums have.

Everything they need within the palm of their hands nationwide. We pride ourselves on understanding the key problems and providing a quality solution, safeguarding locums and practices, whiles saving time and money!

Locumotive allows the Locum to have a bespoke, up to date job list to their preference in the palm of their hands. By removing the agencies and streamlining the process, everyone wins!

For business owners and individual professionals, we offer our recruitment services for Optometrist, Dispensing Opticians & Optical Assistants.

The application

Search local jobs. Connect with stores. Work around you.

We have replaced the recruiter with a sophisticated application that automates the current recruitment process.

This has resulted in:

  • Locums having bespoke job lists allow finding work effortlessly with automated
  • Diary and finance management.
  • By streamlining this process, we have kept our cost per booking down, which allows us to provide a cost-efficient service to store.
  • Our unique Locomotive’s 5-star reviews allow stores to select the locum that best suits their business.

There are just a few of our features within the application.

The Locumotive application is also available on a Web-based platform; you can access it directly at www.locumotive.co.uk.


Locumotive is bringing a brand new pricing structure to optical recruitment.

Traditionally high locum volumes, resulting in high recruitment fees. However, with Locumotive stores can book unlimited locums, with one simple monthly fee.

Why is this good for practice owners?

  • Consistent recruitment fees to manage cash flow.
  • Able to review and select the right locum for their practice.
  • Automated invoicing and diary management.


Download the Locumotive application free with no obligation. Upon download, both stores and locums have access to CET Courses, events and E-magazine features.

Locum users have no payment requirements!

As soon as a locum signs up as a user, a member of the Locumotive team is notified immediately. Within 48 hours of registering information is crosschecked and users will be approved accordingly.

If a practice needs to see clinical references of a Locum, please contact a member of the Locumotive team and we can assist.

No problem. Both locums and stores can cancel directly through the application two weeks before the shift starts. Any later, users will have to call the Locumotive team.

Locumotive offers two payment options.

You pay your Locum staff through your business payment process, however, all invoices and payment tracking is held on the application for complete transparency to both store and locum user.

Alternatively, you can pay directly through the locum application with our instant payment feature via PayPal wallet.

Yes! The team at Locumotive are ready to help you along your way!

Whether you are a store user or Locum, you can call our helpline on 02034882839 between 9 am-5 pm.

Alternately, you can send a message directly from the app in the settings section.

We are a talkative bunch, so you can also email us at info@locumotive.co.uk.


‘Locumotive has had a fundamental impact on how I recruit, the amount of control I have as a practice owner and in turn, my business growth. Our long-standing recruitment process meant recruiters would find locums to fit our clinical requirements of the role, but not necessarily, what we needed as a business. Individual skill and personality both have impacts on our business where our clients are regular and expect a certain level of service. This has made me hesitant to hire previously. Locomotive allows me to view a detailed profile of the locums, listing their skills but also live reviews from previous employers. The application is easy to use, provides transparency of information and ultimately gives me the confidence in finding the right person for us.’

Ritesh Dhorajiwala, Practice Owner Aristone Opticians
West London

‘Owning two practices, time efficiency and trusting my team is key to our success. I use Locums for all our roles, from dispensers, Optometrists and OA’s. Using the Locumotive App has allowed me to control my recruitment in and out of typical working hours. Our Locum options are literally in my hands! I manage to post and review Locums in minutes. One of my favourite features is the review on each profile; I trust the honesty of other practice owners, especially on locums I have never employed before. The locum profiles and reviews in combination give me a lot of information, knowing how they have performed in another practice and their extra qualification like MECS, which we perform in our practice. All of this is supported with a no brainer pricing structure of unlimited locum bookings.’

Amit Patel, Practice Owner Specsavers
Leatherhead & Epsom

I have been a locum for 3 years and always struggled to find work. I have a limited network so my locum opportunities are is also limited. I have always been reluctant to use recruiters because I found it time-consuming and difficult to get a mutual understanding of what I am looking for, also because of their process I have had many gaps in my employment. Having trialled the Locumotive app I have been thrilled to search, book and manage my jobs. Since I always found the consistency of work a struggle, I was surprised to see the number of jobs available in my area. Overall, I feel I have control of finding work and the amount of work I can commit to. It seems to be a combined tool for the whole process, including an invoice tracker! I look forward to using this app officially’

Alysha Pancholi, Locum Cambridgeshire

‘I have been a Locum just shy of 3 years and found the majority of my work through agencies. Although I have had work, it has not been an enjoyable experience for me. I struggle with numerous emails and spreadsheets to find and secure my jobs. It has been time-consuming for me, so I was interested to try Locumotive App! Since using the app, it has made me so much more positive about the future of Locum work. I can see the jobs in my area so quickly and within a few clicks, I was applying to be considered. I was also able to respond directly to questions the practice owners had regarding my experience or qualifications’

Gobi Sivalingam, Locum Middlesex

‘I used to work in Isle of Weight where I had good rates but the limited variance of jobs. I am now in Surrey and overall been a Locum for 4 years. Since moving, I have had to build my network again so anything that would help me get back on track would be a plus. I trialled the Locumotive App and I found it to be streamlined and organised. I have everything I need to find and manage my work in one place. Having my invoices, expenses and finance tracker has allowed me to manage my taxes as well. I like the filter feature, which lets me view rates and jobs in different locations. This lets me combine my personal and professional locations month to month. I was surprised at how many jobs were available at practices I probably would not have looked at before. I look forward to using this permanently in the future.’

David Hilliard, Locum Surrey

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