Mentoring Platform Improved Features

From 19 April 2021

Goal Setting Tool

The most effective mentoring conversations need to focus on setting and achieving goals, exploring issues and making informed decisions. The relationship needs to have a focus and a purpose to work towards. Goals don’t necessarily need to be big ambitions; they just need to be SMART.

When setting your goals and objectives you should also consider identifying possible milestones to achieving these goals which can be used to assess progress at review meetings.

We have made some changes to our mentoring platform to make it easier to set goals and to track your progress towards them. The SMART Goal tool is available to complete when you are in a relationship and will provide the framework to help you to clearly define and set your goals.

Using the Goal feature on the relationship dashboard both mentor and mentee can set goals and we have now also added in a new field where you can add in an expected completion date and set an optional reminder.

When the reminder feature is used an email is sent on the due date with a call to action to complete the goal, this link works even if you are not logged in to the mentoring platform.

Only the person who sets the goal can edit it, the mentor/mentee can still view it but not edit it.

Once the goal has been set you can go back at any time and complete the actions shown below.

You can set expected milestones and outcomes at the start of the relationship if you wish and then record the actual milestones and outcomes as they are reached.

Once you have completed your goals you can simply mark the goal as being completed and once all goals have been completed you can mark the mentoring relationship as complete.

Meetings Tool

We now also have a Meetings tool where you can set meetings.

You can use this feature to add a meeting agenda, record points discussed at meetings and any action points. You can also download the meeting information to your usual calendar (outlook, Gmail etc.)

This meeting tool can be used alongside the goals tool to help you progress towards achieving your mentoring goals. We hope that you will find these new features to be beneficial.

You can see our platform here.