Locumkit services for locums and employers

Locumkit services for locums and employers

Who are we?

A team of opticians who are in the field themselves; who have first-hand experience & insight to the difficulties faced by locums in the trade

A team of accountants who are specialised in accounting for sole traders and limited companies with a keen interest in the optical trade.


LOCUMKIT was born as a result of problems we as opticians have encountered. We wanted to make a change that would free us the burden of admin work, that would allow us to feel better about the profession, that would help bring the optical trade up to date with the digital age. We saw the following as crucial in order to achieve our objective:

  • The elimination of the middle man (agencies)
  • To be recognised for our clinical competence and professionalism
  • Wanting to have an equal voice
  • Automation of all our bookkeeping and accounting

Digital age?

The optical profession in the UK is changing rapidly and whilst we cannot have a direct influence in that, we want to provide all the tools of the ‘Digital age’ to the locums to help them embrace the changes.

We live in a time where processes are being automated, however the optical industry is still functioning within the stone age, with agencies acting as middlemen, with locums going home and writing down their income and expenses for the day.

Why can’t we have a technical advanced recruitment platform? Why can’t we have a bespoke book keeping software?

We can and we strongly believe LOCUMKIT is the solution, offering all the above at reasonable prices; all whilst promoting the professions image.

Automation has the potential to free a locum’s time

Our system will learn and analyse

I booked work through ‘the locumkit’. I was sent an email of the practice and the days which were available. The place I worked was no more than a 15 minute drive from my home. Booking was straightforward and my locum days were confirmed within a matter on minutes
Jaimini Patel (Locum Optometrist)

Key headlines:

Headline Key observations
A bespoke matching algorithm •      On registration, locums and employers would input their specific requirements & skills.

•      When employers post a job, our algorithms would then work to find matching locums, notifying only those where there is successful matching.

Full transparency between locums and employers •      With agencies acting as middle man, most opticians feel that there is a lack of total transparency. With LOCUMKIT there is total transparency as the communication is between the locum and employer direct.

•      Feedback:

−      Issue: In the current system there is either no collation of feedback or it is based on conversion rates.

−      Solution: LOCUMKIT offers a feedback platform where locums are judged on their clinical skills and professionalism

−      Benefit: We at LOCUMKIT aim to increase clinical competition by this and also hope to give some power to locums as they will also leave feedback for employers on their professionalism.

•      Cancellation:

−      Issue: opticians and employers have both reported dissatisfaction with late cancellations

−      Solution: LOCUMKIT records cancellation data and adds it to the respective members (locum or employers) profile. This is then notified to future stakeholders, enabling them to make an informed decision on whether they want to accept the locum/employer.

−      Benefit: we at LOCUMKIT hope that this can act as a deterrent for last minute cancellation from locums and employers.

Accounting •      Integrated financial software that is tailored to the optical trade instead of an off-the-shelf package with the sole aim of increasing locums’ efficiency and productivity.
Experience and highly qualified team •      LOCUMKIT is not built by a team of recruiters or accountants. It is built by locum opticians for locum opticians. We have used our years of experience in the trade to provide a revolutionising product for our fellow professionals.

•      LOCUMKIT’s integrated finance module is built using the knowledge of a dual qualified optician and chartered accountant, who has used his knowledge of both the professions to produce a bespoke accounting module. He and his team will be in hand to assist all members with their accounting and financial needs.


I was referred to Locumkit via a friend. Since registering with them i have been getting jobs regularly. I was also intrigued by their various locum management tools. Now I use Locumkit for managing almost all my locum bookings, my income and expenses and have switched to Locumkit as my accountants also. Getting to do everything through the app saves me a lot of time.
Asif Ali (Locum)

LOCUMKIT – How it can benefit me as a locum?

With our integrated dashboard locums can:

  • Manage their booking schedule from one place – colour coded calendar showing upcoming and completed jobs
  • Add details of their bookings received through other agencies or direct with their respective employers
  • Get daily and weekly reminders for their upcoming locum days; never forgetting any bookings

With our integrated finance module locums can:

  • Record their income and expenses on the go – if their upcoming job details are uploaded, then LOCUMKIT automatically records the income and expenses
  • See their estimated tax liability created by our very own algorithms – helps calculate how much money to put aside for the tax man
  • See reports such as their income by area, supplier, expenses by type and many more
  • Send invoices in a click of a few buttons and see who has yet to pay you

With our Locum Logbook locums can:

  • Record and put reminders for any follow up procedures. Reminders will come in the form of emails.
  • Record any matters in relation to their practices
  • Record local protocols, enhanced services, referral pathways in place. This will be shared amongst peers and vice versa, enabling the locum community to get more comfortable if they are to work at that same store

Record feedback:

  • Locums can leave feedback on their employers and vice versa
  • This will aid locums to stand out from others and also allow them to vet their respective employers before accepting a job

Chartered Accountants:

  • With LOCUMKIT, all locums can be rest assured that they have a team of accountants led by a Chartered Accountant who himself is from the industry. We will keep them updated on the latest budgets and news that can impact them from an accounting perspective
  • Have access to regular newsletters
  • Have an accountant whom they can call for any accounting concerns they may have
  • Have the peace of mind that they will never fall foul of the tax man

LOCUMKIT – How it can benefit me as an employer?

  • Search for locums for free, within seconds
  • See upcoming and past bookings from one place
  • See their locum usage and expenses over the period
  • Leave feedback for locums

I run an Independent chain and own multiple practices. Consequently, i need locum cover regularly and more often than not, at very short notice. Locumkit have been very helpful finding locums for me. Their large network of locums makes it much easier to source a locum last minute and the best thing is these guys don’t charge any fees! 
Haris (Owner of Multiple Independent Opticians)

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